Specialty Services - Global and National Accounts

Global and National Accounts

National Accounts:

Today, the Securitas National Accounts group serves the specialized needs of large clients throughout the U.S.  Over the years, the group has grown and evolved to become a proven and consistent model for delivering world-class security services.

Our service delivery model is organized into industry specific vertical markets, each led by a National Accounts Vice President dedicated to developing and implementing an account structure that compliments and enhances each specific client organization.  More than just marketing, sales, or transition leaders, these VP’s remain engaged in ongoing account development including selection, training, and coaching of account management personnel; facilitating the sharing of best practices; benchmarking among clients; and developing value-added service strategies targeted specifically for that industry segment.  National Account VP portfolios are purposely limited in number of clients and/or service volume to ensure that each account receives the commitment and level of attention commensurate with these important, high-profile clients.  Current vertical markets within the Global & National Account portfolio include:
  • High Tech / Telecom
  • Logistics
  • Retail
  • Financial Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Homeland Security

Founded on the belief that success comes through leadership, innovation, and partnership, the national service delivery model incorporates a dedicated management team, well-defined roles & responsibilities, value-added services, and robust performance measurement and feedback mechanisms.   Although account organizational structure varies by client, these principles form the basis for delivering enhanced customer service and building long-term client relationships.   National Account Managers are embedded within the client organization, often residing within client facilities, and are the primary point of contact for customer satisfaction, financial management, performance management, process improvement, and strategic planning to meet client operational needs.  Account Management Best Practices are continuously refined and shared among all accounts to ensure Service Excellence.

Global Accounts:

Many National Account clients are expanding globally and are expecting their security services to expand with them.   To meet the global growth expectations of our clients, Securitas’ Global & National Accounts group works with a two-tiered global service delivery model. 

For service requirements in Europe or Central / Latin America where Securitas currently operates, the vertical market Vice President and Global Account Manager work directly with Securitas counterparts to arrange services and ensure consistent communication, performance management, and support functions.  Securitas personnel in these countries are integrated into the global and national client /account management team and operate within the same contractual and service excellence framework as their US counterparts. 

In regions outside the scope of Securitas’ current footprint, such as Asia Pacific, the Global & National Accounts group has established alliance partnerships with local security providers to meet the needs of our clients.  These alliance partners contract directly with the client organization, but have been carefully screened by Securitas and required to enter into a letter of understanding that outlines the relationship between Securitas, the client, and the partner.  Roles and responsibilities, personnel and training standards, and management and oversight accountabilities are clearly defined and the Global & National Accounts group maintains the primary relationship with the client. 

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